Friday, July 14, 2017

Pantomime Killer w/ Bashir Billow

Recorded with poet Bashir Billow and sound engineer Jakob when they invited me to their studios in Copenhagen after Bashir and I had met at Sorte Firkant during my 'Queue to the Tap Dance' performance session. While we wait for the sound, here are my lyrics to 'Pantomime Killer': 

These are coloured Opera statements. black art 

This is strange ochestra from the basements for your heart 

This is free Beat box to detox the drugged stranger drawing arcs 

Once you let go it's hard to keep it back. embarrassing like storing farts

Wearing masks In a fast train, Dart game with pants of mine bearing identity 

Cards changed, hard to tell pantomimes from an elegy 

There are strings attached, I see you wearing guitars under your Burberry 

I see the violent violins in your lungs, i see you digging my past from my mind's cemetery  

Penetrating like pests, pepper spraying the perms, persistently prying to find a better me 

An addict for physique science, staging us due to skin diversity 

Don't mock my biology, cuz currency syncs your chemistry 

Looking for God..Morgan Freeman is all of us..human energies 

When you lose your 'heard' you're a scapegoat to the century 

There should be an app for it, but digital revolution couldn't set us free 

Live Performance of 'Wave' at Sorte Firkante - Copenhagen (video: Bashir...