Sunday, August 28, 2011

>>BLACK BRAINS>> (Collabo by Kwame Write & Dora Icon)


Black grains germinate from the rich black earth
Remember Yaa Asantewaa's days! Anokye's birth
Osei Tutu II of Asanteman with the burning black blood
The backwards-walk from Notsie signaling forwardness was due
Maya Angelou, an angel who pitched the art at an angle new?
Black brains!

Black rains trickling off Robben Island prison roof
Plucked pains patiently, Mandela is living-proof
46664 embroided on his uniform; On his memory!
Remember Soweto sang for 18 sorrowful years,
How apartheid, like a thunderstorm wipes off cheers
And Desmond Tutu calmly clad with God's cloak?

Much gains!
We still eat peas Tetteh Quarshie sneaked from Fernando-Po
Busumuru Kofi planted potent peace on the go
From Charikar in Afghanistan to Fort Washington.
Tell my kids of afrocentric Selassie I and Osagyefo Nkrumah
Muse Marcus Garvey and Okamafo M.L.King Jr. 
Remind me of Barack Obama when the world changes!

Black strains
Abedi Pele has a goal like mine, we're on the same team
Caster Semenya bears those resistant black genes
On the Jim Crow bus, rode Rosa Parks into future's park
Black Mike Jackson, like Neil Armstrong, did the moonwalk
And since three, Oprah Winfrey’s talks have been of
Black brains!

To tell how it tick tocks
My grandnana uses the sun's face as her wall clock,
Black brains!
Fela Kuti's music's too sick for AIDS, that's naked truth
We should enhance ours or end up as a black cancer
And that's as fake as a Black Santa

Shed those black chains you strong sons of slaves!!
Let them know you've grown with the sun's face!!


Let me take you way back....

When black brains fertilized the intellectual fields
And black names specialized in correcting ills
Before the treasures of Kush and Egypt
Were taken to the backyards of Bush and Blair
The damage is clear, the dark past cannot be lightened with peau claire

It’s a history torn apart
But tell Napoleon Bonaparte
He failed to hide the blackness of the Sphinx
Even when he ordered its nose to be blown apart

Because Black brains!
Are still going strong like iron
Even when they came "robben" like Arjen
Sold us lies we're no longer buying
Black names! stand out like osei kuffuor at munich Bayern

Did u know Hippocrates mastered "babadie" in Imhotep's class?-Black brains!
And "Jul)" Ceaser couldn't help but steal glances at Cleopatra's ass-Black beauty!

Black voices still sing for joy like Makeba we feel pata pata
Though they do us basa basa
No need for kasa kasa
Cos with black power! Like Yvonne we go do am chaka chaka

You don't have to be asking why
Resistance is in our genes, X and Y
From the determination of Kunta Kinte,
To the rebellion of Joseph Cinque
With pools of sweat and libations of blood
Black pains! laid the foundations for us to build on

So let’s not leave our culture to rot only to preserve the Elmina Castle
That symbol of oppression in my opinion was designed by a moron
Because building a chapel ontop the slave pit is an architectural oxymoron

Feel this in your black soul
Our rise is inevitable like grandparents and back pain
We give but gain!
Awaken the black names
And let their memory be forever etched on your black brains!

STAND OUT (collabo by Kwame Write and Princess Naki)


I stand out like the elongated neck of a giraffe,
You can spot me with binoculars while on an African Safari/
I stand out like a Soprano hitting any octave
Stand out so much that i'm the source of everyone's topic/
I can't stop this the way your eyes wander or your eyes ring and wonder
"Who is this Black Star" burning bright atop a flag pole, watch me wave as I heal souls/
I stand out like kenkey and tilapia on a menu, select me
Digest my words slow down your esophagus, wash it down with some meditation/
I stand out like bleach stains, predominantly destroying ignorance,
Let my words turn you from deaf to hearing/
Stand out like an unusual snow shower in mid-April
Stand out like humidity on HELL.../
I will burn you igniting the fire within to fuel the next generation/
Stand out like the black star in the middle of gold,
Red above, ever-green below, Let my poem unfold, do not fold, stand out BOLD/

Not that I'm odd or feel to get even
But that's reason enough to believe in the meaning of me being me
SO stand out not cuz you're odd or feel to get even
But that's reason enough to believe in the meaning of you being you


Stand out like a peacock pride of feathers
Painted with rainbow kisses, spring out even though spring weathers/
Be the light like equatorial sun of day, be full like the moon that brings wolves out to howl for prey
I stand out like Tetteh Quashie with pockets smelling of raw cocoa
Like Yaa Asantewaa, when warmen become remote, control!/
This is no narcissism but genuine gusto to be adamantly prominent, conspicuous like a sore thumb
In a crowd of oppressors, I stand out like non-silent chants from raw gums/
There are more church goers than Christians each day
There are those who bear palm branches each given Palm Sunday
And others who view life through the holes in the Son of Man's palms, both sing the Son of Man's Psalms/
Stand out like a unicorn horn, like a bright kid with tattered uniforms on but has good grades
His Grammar was learnt in good faith by stroking a piece of stick on wet clay, a baobab tree offered porous shade/
Like Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Olympics 1986, when they wear cuffs of silence keep your hands out
Stand out like John Sweat Rock’s afro hair, like Mohammed Ali’s dare before a boxing bout/
Stand out like the black star in the middle of gold,
Red above, ever-green below, Let my poem unfold, do not fold, stand out BOLD/