Wednesday, March 14, 2012



I guess we need to overdose on the red pill to escape the unreal/
You know its gotten bad when people think reality TV. is real/
But in a world where we chase fortune on a wheel/
I hope my appeal to feel, does not go unnoticed like an in-between meal/
These days, originality is wrapped in obscurity/
Lies are garnished with insecurity feeding people with raw stupidity/
They say by hook or crook you gotta get that cheque/
The urge to imitate the façade leaves morals not in check/
But u need to be careful how you get it cos when your victim says “Nyame betua woka”/
Rest assured one day, God will pay you with a “reality cheque”/
So somebody tell these cats you aint gotta go behind bars to spit bars/
And tell Kojo he doesn’t have to steal credit cards to escape chasing trotro cars/
It’s obvious the hustle is local but the struggle is global/
Your reasons for doing it is what I hope you think through/
Esse Quam Videri!!… be is better than to seem to be/
This is Icon and KwameWrite telling you not to let your integrity be maimed for fear of being called “lame”/


This shoe might fit so prepare some socks for it/
A mentality we lack behind, we should be swimming where Michael Phelps frolics/
Just like an Ashanti shy to don Kente designs in public/
Let me pepper my poem for that might incur vomit/
Over-sized BLING-BLINGZ only remind of shackles from slavery days/
I feel for that brother, why not wear a whip instead of 20 chains?/
Over ourselves we've lost Ctrl like lacking that momentous key of a notebook/
A blind eye asks an ugly eye,"which of us is denied a good look?"/
The media feeds off profit from propaganda..term that PROFIGANDA/
They took down the 'politician of pampers', one too many politicians we often pamper/
Never been afraid to say what's on my mind like Em and Jay, renegade/
We ventilate not our system if we disallow this air of correction a chance to penetrate/
Let the forest men in timber-lands bootleg this/
Let Somalians pirate it for it needs to spread like a flu exists!!
We sweat to pay taxes but the streets we drive on look like the 'Oware' game/
This is KwameWrite and Icon telling you not to let your integrity be maimed for fear of being called “lame”/….PEACE!!


  1. Yeah! This one stuck in my head for a long time.
    I love it.
    I like how the rhyming took nothing away from the message, it made the message stronger

  2. This message is really deep and sinking. Am falling for poetry. Gosh!

  3. A blind eye asks an ugly eye,"which of us is denied a good look? What more can one say. #deepwisdom