Tuesday, March 13, 2012

REWRITE [collabo- Ozionn, Namoji Obese and Kwame Write]


Rewrite the scenerey of politics
With integrity as the pen and developments as paper,rewrite

Rewrite the mentality of Africa
Let Africans take responsibility for their own actions,rewrite

Rewrite the prescription for health
For the true cure lies in the mind,rewrite

Rewrite the tome of racism
It has nothing to do with colours or the rainbow,but hatred,rewrite

Rewrite the history of human beings
For we are torn between sides of a great war,rewrite

Rewrite that part of our culture
Where elders of the society refuse to accept their faults,rewrite

Rewrite the essence of education
Education is the key,but what is the door? Emancipation,rewrite

Rewrite the verses of poetry
Reverse into the past and learn about it's origins,rewrite

[Kwame Write]

Rewrite, political divisions with missions to break democratic existence
Campaign for champagne, pockets are sockets resources plug in, clueless citizens, rewrite

Rewrite, stories lost as told through the shadows of time from our forefathers lips
New world of screens, our kids are fast-cooked like 'indomie'; foreign to cultural gifts like 'obroni', rewrite

Rewrite, Sewage a smudge, electricity breaks now and then like strings of ethnicity
It's a pity clean water's not reaching every city, where your patriotic ink be? rewrite

Rewrite, bloodshed of independence would not be libation on earth where things go amiss
Don't just be pissed, act out like 'Ghana must grow' is first on your bucket list, rewrite

Rewrite, students need this tear of incite, sweat from insides, at a dead end looking to the rear
Till curricula are geared not like cars on a one-way road to a stop sign in the clear, rewrite

Rewrite, the way we eat, food genetically manipulated, packaged with chemicals to preserve
KFCs now Killer Food Communities; spicy, oily or fructose-filled junk served, rewrite

Rewrite, contracted marriages without consent, particular ethnic groups merge, some don't relate
')d) mide car no b3 ma wo' is what she wants to hear before the date, rewrite

Rewrite, till Ghana stops importing more than exporting, covered with the western mist
Till we use our herbs, HBP , diabetes and worst of all, poverty will be our script, rewrite

[Namoji Obese]

Rewrite the news, let it be known that the CIA killed Nkrumah
And the US and Belgium have stained hands in the murder of Lumumba

Rewrite the history, make the governed governor,
The colony colonial masters

Rewrite the state of mind that made the Caucasian better than the niggar
And the niggar better the African

Rewrite the syllabus that killed my creativity
So my son can explore his world of fantasy

Rewrite the folk songs, crown Ananse king,
Make Jata his vassal and Akura his Obrafour

Rewrite Shakespeare; make Romeo a lascivious womanizer,
Juliet cheap whore, see if their love breeds war

Rewrite my story; tell of the civilized savage,
Coming out of bondage to reclaim his lineage.

Rewrite an unconditional pardon, for the Nazi's, the Bolsheviks and the KKK,
Tell them religion has killed more people than all of them combined.


  1. Herh!
    Respect to you all!
    Best Poem i've read in a while.
    "Mi tu ky3 ma mu"

  2. this is the tightest ish i have ever read. i feel liberated. this is what my mother used to tell me about. doooooope!!

  3. Am proud to be a poet and poetry started with Africans....so I'M PROUD TO BE AFRICAN

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