Monday, November 30, 2015

kwame write ft wanlov the kubolor - wonna mama

Jamestown was the most appropriate place to shoot this video, since it happens to have all the elements signifying a crumbling economy in the face of corrupt leadership and a nationwide myopic foresight. Though, the people look happy and chatty, they might be aware of the fact that their geographical location pins them in the middle of a busily growing urban scene which thrives on the fulcrum of extreme importation of general goods and services and leaking of natural resources to the west from all crevices of the country as well as dependency on IMF and the World Bank who come with their tuneful policy-attached loans, while the best forms of schooling can only be accessed by homes which can afford. Local neighborhoods have interesting architecture that have a look as if the residents are staying only temporarily, having windows next to each other where people poke their necks out and discuss issues affecting them and the country. The video depicts this observation. When the video starts, you see an act; Manchilde(rapper and music researcher pHd from Trinidad and Tombago but based in Canada) looking towards the ocean shore; enacting the West African who was approached by the European explorers and merchants who brought in new religion and triggered slavery that has gone far and wide to colonize bodies and minds. Graffiti on Otublohum walls by Bright Ackwerh emblazoned the focus on great leaders and revolutionists who have held the pan-African sceptre. The metaphoric display by Samoa dressed as a traditional priest towards the end of the flick, signifies how we need to 'sankofa' to the concrete African systems and bring the 'light' in. See how Teochronic dances majestically next to the beauty of fire of actual liberation.

Dir: kwame write
Video + Edit: Brian Ohene