Thursday, April 23, 2015


(Inspired by artist Zohra Opoku's portrait series TEXTURES that features me. It describes an identity of an artist, by subverting the wardrobe of the subject:

Performance unlimited-
Stray ghosts
Blow life into shield
Mimic my story
In the denseness of garments
Their movements
Around the stillness
Depicts the style of sculpture
Dancing to music of air
Gyrating to flair of art

Textures draped
With symbols sacred
Soaked from home
Culture in a calm setting 
Of incomplete construction
Aligning motion of philosophy
As the artist in all intrinsic expression
In communion with environs
Draws passion into bowel
And delivers
In the silence of a howl


When traffic hits red
Weave through cars, reach as many
Till the light goes green

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The flag was up
When your body in all glory
Dropped off the eye of the globe
A saintly tear
Dropped off
Saved in the scar of sun star

The flag was still up
It was still morning
In Nkrumah's Tema
When the red gold green songs faded
Outside the barns of charred dreams

Children with red gold green faces
Elders with red gold green palms
Mothers with red gold green babies
Priests with red gold green psalms

Lauded your handiwork 
Gripping unto the black star lone
Lone like an un-mopped sweat drip

Damirifa due!
Due ne amane hunu!

And if art
As sincere and delicate is nothing but soul
It only goes to say, you offered yours to Ghana
Even before your humble transition

Theodosia Salome Okoh (born June 13, 1922) designed Ghana's national flag. She died at the Narh Bita Hospital in Tema on Sunday April 19th morning after a short illness.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We sacrificed the old paramount gods
Took our temples to the markets
and brought the markets to our temples

The oil leaks between our fingers
Dripping unto unworthy skulls in reach
The drums with broken scalps bleat
The songs we buried do not sync with our feet

We sacrificed the old vital gods
The symbols soaked in earth rain salt wit fleet
The bound broom, we loosen with our teeth
And hack out our souls in the streets!