Friday, March 07, 2014

Verse Of Shades

How light or dark are you?
And when you shut your eyes
What shade?
What colour of blood?
What scenes of genes?
What length of loops in your DNA?
What's caged up in your cells?
What size of chromosomes
Do you measure
When mitosis is viewed closest
Under a microscope's eye
At your leisure?
And when the sun bounces off your skin
What colour of shadow too?
What comfort zone?
What identity?
What history of ancestry?
How white is your Jesus?
How black is your Antoa?
How yellow is your Budha?
Or Muhammed what colour?
Do they treat you different
When your epidermis is frisked?
Do you feel better about yourself
For your accent is crisp?
Between race and social constructs
Your own conscience, what shade?

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Flowers Whisper Too

Like rose petals on fertile porches
Germinating off cremation ash in cold ceramics;
Life for some.
Lybia, you know the grass does not promise to stay green
You know,
Where gossip by earth to wind
Is almost soundlessly sneaked
Ear to ear
Time and a few mouthfuls of dirges
Meet and merge

A collage of calabashes have collected enough drunk tears
Where music loses colour
To forever's fingers across the years,
Solitary; moment and mood
Mixed with melancholic vibes
Dimming from a distance
The light history throws
In three dimensions, traversing through twelve songs,
The ones clocks tell
Times a-plenty

Till night cuts away harsh sun's voice
Let dusk find these longing words
On every leaf of lost trees
Next to flowers whispering
Secrets of lonely beauty

(c)KW 03032014