Thursday, November 21, 2013

The first time you hear it..

The first time you hear it, it sounds rather as if copied out of some invisible tablet in the eternal mind than as if arbitrarily composed by the poet.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first time you hear it
It hits home
Like new-found love
Hands holding hands, across a kaleidoscope of kilometers
Of journey of understanding
Potent, poised, passionate
Distinct like lines in the palm,
Trees bowing on Hosanna streets
Ushering in kingship, dedicated to history
In every stone-clad district

The first time you hear it
It sounds like a morning’s déjà vu
Where dew ricochets off tongues
And bathe seedlings swallowed up by sand
It sounds like "nkatikontob3" with snail entrails
Being poured on fufu pounded soft for chiefs on Akwasidae -
An island on the black concave rock of an earthenware bowl
It sounds like shea rubbed by palm on skin on a harmattan day
And tears drumming stomach within when the prodigal fowl
Finds its way home on Christmas eve
It sounds like life let loose -
A baby camel detached from the noose
Or like a quick sniff of flamboyant petal blues

The first time you hear it
You dance in rabid circles
You sit still with yourself and count seconds and thoughts
You find a  pen and write like liberty would
You drop masks and draw tasks
You make faces; emojis off emotions
You extend knuckles and heart
You pick up a phone and call your mother, your estranged dad,
The fortune teller, the president, you call that person
You tell them of the could-a-beens
In a curded boyish tone
You meditate, you motion on

..The first time you hear it

c(kw) 21/11/2013