Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am the door to untold dreams
The memory of imperfect magic
Like Mozart melodies never static
I'm an actor living life's drama too
I'm that comma, that full stop,
An answer to the question never asked
A question to an answer offered a gasp
Stuck in the future
Present in your past
That shot that leaves the temple bleeding, thoughts
Only to reseal like a gambler double-dealing, spots
Receive me, I'm that miracle, far from your preacher's knuckles
I'm that boxer with a pen,
My belt stretches as far as my audience's smile girth,
Passion buckles
What was exposed behind the shroud lifted, I am
Nowhere near your regular business pastor's tabernacle, I scan
I'm sun's son
Born during moon's cheerful mood
I'm the voice in the calm
Collective conscience of unsettled legendary ghosts
With a choir of noise to charm
Graffitied skulls stuck in cave halls
Canvas of music patched in brave heart walls
I'm the significance of possibility
Optimist looking at sources of others' failure as opportunities
A farmer of acres of words
Where language is a precious crop
An exposé sore on the knee of me,
That's my curse- free thoughts
So attend to my wound
After a battle that made enemies cringe
I'm a well in the middle of Lybia
a reason for a smile like gold dust spread in the riddle of Nima

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Who said
That stars were holes
Who said
Who said
That sun was an opening
Who said
That god peeps through
Eyes of light's soul
To behold
Who said
Who heard
That moon was a poking nose
Who said
That night and day
Were moods of a face
That bright day was of a smile
That cloudy night was of a tired frown
Who said
Who heard
That rains were silver tears
That lightning was a teeth flash
That storms were pukes
Who said
Who heard
That hurricanes were sneezes
And heat waves were steamy coughs
And earthquakes were heartbreaks
Who said
Who heard
That we were being watched?