Saturday, July 20, 2013


They advised;
"Don't play a flute on an empty tummy"

Then they went on to ask;
"who's gonna entertain us at this funeral then?
"who's gonna escort the ghost solemnly with an endearing tune?"

We lie within the heat bands
Like burnt stake on a grill
Where frequency of torture
Is measured from the pitch of teeth gnashed

Can you travel the entire distance on bare feet?
And when you find medicine for your sore limbs
Across the bridge, would you keep it a secret?
See the journey is in obscured view
The dance has extended into a trance

Passion to place
Is taken over by a mission to keep breathing
Portions in a craze -
Fates are forked between chopsticks and chinaware
Our kin take naps, what's the use of napkins?

The town-crier's voice sounds from outside the fence
We wander and wonder
Ponder like lost panthers
where carnivores are forced to eat greenery
A stitch was not received in time
So nine cats fell

When tails become stale
Rewind your mind's data tape
to the moment you bought shackles
And inscribed on them; "FREEDOM"
And tell me how the tale you've come to know

Henceforth unfolds..