Wednesday, September 07, 2011


When storms of troubling days
With rough ruinous hands
Boisterously brush the rainbow shade
Off our blue sky's skin
And leave tear-rains
Dripping on the bosom of our earth,
Do not sway,
Do not break,
Even with ethnic, political and religious divides
We all bear in our veins Africa’s blood.
Do not sway,
Do not break into pieces
Like hay strands at a hungry horse's teeth-tear.
Listen attentively
As the heart, like fontomfrom of Manhyia palace
Drums rhythmically on.
A heavy smell of hope haunts the air,
Same hope we find at our fingertips,
So work at the art of your heart, young African!
With strength in knowledge, make strides of peace!
Sow seeds on tear-soaked earth,
Do not sway
Do not break
Listen attentively,
As the voice inside dances its tune through.
Even as Zimbabwe loses zeal
And Libya’s soil is a dense damp of blood and oil,
Even as all we hear from Somalia's horn are hoots of hunger,
Do not sway
Do not break
Listen attentively
As peace knocks on doors of your humble hearts.
Be part of all
When all become one
To back a united front.
A single broomstick suffers an easy break
But hold on
Do not sway
Be part of the cluster
Like a bunch of broomsticks bonded
We easily break not.

(c)2011 Charles Kwame Crepin 'WRITE' Aidoo