Wednesday, June 21, 2017


"Clingy guy has got my back
  And damn my front as well
   Even my side to side, to these fly ass pumps.."
Clingy girl storifies after meeting clingy guy - goosebumps!
They set themselves on fire,
Rumours cook up ears that they share a pair of shoes and socks
Wick within, each weekend they step into each other and cry

One day carefree guy comes around with clock in crown
Rescues clingy girl who is nearly burnt into ash from hopeful flicker
Plops teardrops in his eyes
Comes riding at the back of a crocodile
Mops tears off her eyebrows, but walks over the bridge of her nose
Clingy girl cries fowl
Bawls about how she thought of frying cow meat before coming in contact with the beef

Carefree girl walks in and takes a seat,
Carefree guy is the one selling tickets and screening face
Carefree girl empties inbox
And mind, detox via smiles and she talks of salvation by hovering over horoscopes
Clingy girl finger-loops hair, fever-shoots curled speech about how well inclined carefree guy is
Sits in line but never her turn to tame the musical chair on which carefree guy sits
Carefree girl calibrates torso to drum roll between clingy girl's chorus
Sends morse code to carefree guy
Who loses his senses and buys attention

Clingy girl stays in their mentions
Carefree girl fades her presence after carefree guy traces her essence
Clingy girl keeps the remote control and bolts from home
Carefree girl becomes the TV
Carefree guy plugs in a CD and plays himself on repeat
Clingy girl asks for a disjointed threesome,
Meaning their triangle could all be 'together' but not really 'together'
Her reason as grapevine makes into wine is to get carefree guy 'to get her'

That she hates carefree girl's tender breath, secure perfume,
Preference of peppered pose and guts (as hell)..
Clingy guy meets carefree guy
Handshakes with all masculine gestures in check and nearly palm-breaks
Equates himself to carefree guy because he thinks they're "both on fire" and "its not so bad, unless minds get smoked after attires."
Carefree girl chuckles and sighs
Clingy girl says carefree girl thinks she's the 'coolness' they desire