Sunday, October 09, 2016

one for haiti

caribbean beauty eye of ghostly starfish hooked- 
an impaired island disk of forever 
pellucid punctures of plastered plantation paths of pelted african poetry from past still present
your heart is the humble plenary gift healing from hundred quakes 
as vultures dock under your epidermis contaminating your intelligence
deity dancing in the dark
dying to resuscitate your divine 
dangling your devout clasp 
as red cross crucifies and watches you resurrect losing parts of your living
lonely haiti
loving haiti
laboring haiti
torturous turbines of death spin hurricanes through your afro and watch gash green graphs tabulate the death tolls
deaf at dinner between destructive nature and demonic dentures of colonial canines 
asphyxiating ashes on pedestals
shoe-less port au-prince plagued on pencil toes
priceless mermaid haiti with hurt-sponged soul hugged by sun not in moon's mild reach 
in a lambaste landfall of aborted futures 
bound for breathless beach 
flailing flattened homes pummeling bones into interjections 
haunted haiti
hung hungry haiti
hope-hindered haiti
cholera colored chromosomes 
amidst aids and aid unfair estranged
melanin prose of cornered creoles
with voodoo dolls pinned into moody walls
wounded as you breastfeed millions
single mother 
your kind exists everywhere  
with hearts free to feel soothed nowhere 
healing with you 

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