Monday, August 01, 2016

understood into two

i sparked a campfire in my head
to keep warm the pieces of the lust
after you burned yourself
into my mind music became revolution became culture became rhythm became music i've masturbated songs into silhouettes of mornings
caught in nets of clouds webbed out of veins
and waiting trees
philosophers have bathed speculations into pools of illusions charlatans have twisted them into deceit
generations have split from these splinters
when i found you
you found me
i'm the boreal bald mushroom waiting to be the orchid
the tide thumping against slippery shore longed for by poor kids a keen traffic light dancing in dream of becoming the ride
so the red wont stop and yellow becomes pulsating sleepless moon
and green installs itself as a flag for us loons
you're the gunpowder after the war showers sunflower kissed briskly at sidewalk
by rickety bus hyped for that fuel
there's a thin line between love and obsession
and i've known to grow it so well i could use it as a necklace we shall now
for the sake of the double-minded
stir into the sun our own entendre

(c) kwame write aidoo [written and read on the night of saturday july 30th, 2016 at 32 rue de la mare at an event hosted by will cox]

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