Monday, August 08, 2016

uncertain certainties I

once more
buries itself under my baggy eyelids
as fatigue fornicates with its soft dying glow like a fine speck of firefly with frowned fibres losing floss

finally knocking on the door of its own tomb
the thumps of hunger pangs regurgitate 

like slums dealt with the cascade of floods 

or pungency of polythene choked fumes
i'm asking myself questions 

which become answers in disguise because 

i've danced between god and the devil so long 

i need to let it sink in that these floors are paved from rhetorics

i'm more than me
especially when i write myself free
so i wrote a will to the stars 

to cremate my ash and precipitate away these scars

you could easily see that's all i've known
i'm ungloved palms with red charcoal and an ear of corn
i babysit pain and watch it transform
in due time

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