Wednesday, April 27, 2016


knowing could be a canker sometimes
we want to soak in every detail that walked and stiffened
till our tissues dehydrate losing substance to tears
or worse, to fears
we want to know
we want to hurt our core more
we need to know

what has love got to do with not knowing?
the cigarette smoke thick in your coat that escorted you home
last night, i directed the moon to you
but you, my love, already was aglow
with the lipstick streak street lit shoulder high lambent lobbed
why do we memorize so well these foul play forlorn blues?
how you touch so well
how your fingers glide like gazelles
you must have been with hundreds before me
i taste their fingerprints on every lip I've clinched

reflecting wears the kismet cunning to deviate us
i watched you accurately bend a smile over
break its spine into a cranky old wretch
once i heard, that looking back too long could be a thief
could be salt melting for untamed fire's cuddles

too many page flicks of emotions
build up like a fat layer under your skin,
i've known you better at night
obese with hurt
choking on too many chalked chapters
where dawn is made of thoughts batted around
we need to catch each one and know them

or let the vultures eat the carcasses of our past
laying naked by the window, under smoke of stars
groping outskirts of shadows
wetting fingers in the juice of the present
tomorrow, the sun will sit between the trees of my beard and the fences of your ribs

i know
in the presence of us
there's more to know
between two pairs of eyes
marching gracefully into each other

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