Friday, September 19, 2014


We the sons mooning the motivation mansion,
Our brave voices soar
When night echoes in the mud walls of destiny,

Our songs echo horizontally through ear tunnels

We the daughters dueling in beauty of dark reason
Carving the aroma of music with our conscience,
The brilliance of our resistance-

Warm like sunlight footsteps

The re(love)ution is seen dotted in our eyes -
Pupils of life, 

Guarding justice where the fence makers are jaundiced
Words as agile as soul
Peace signs are anchors
No violence, but no silence

We the children sunning the seasoned shores

Our brave voices soar
Our songs echo on

(Tribute to #Ferguson ..Above is the poetry procession performance curated by Inkfluent for Chale Wote Festival 2014 #Ghana ..Photo credits - Cecile Johanet)

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  1. Words oozing from ink blots! What a terrific line in a great poem.