Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Bad poetry is not like this one
Drowned and insalubrious
Itself from reason

Bad poetry is not sad poetry
It's not happy poetry
It's not even abstract poetry
Bad poetry is mad poetry
Skirting-around-nothing poetry,
Exaggerated poetry
Poetry that wants to lose its life in broad daylight
And make mummies out of minds
And dummies out of our kind

Bad poetry is what good listeners do not long to love
Bad poetry is what around-the-way listeners love to cheer
So therefore don't judge poetry by today's audience's jeers
For poetry is so generalized it's queer

Bad poetry is what good readers do not bookmark
Critics crawl to, like crickets
To find its cracks and cringe
Dropping thick spittum into its crevices
That's bad poetry

We all went to the river-side
With earthenware pots on folded rags on heads
We all dipped by first swirling
On the mirror-surface of the waters
that house our ancestors' destinies
We dipped
We fetched
We carried
Then returned
To our homes beyond the dusty footpaths
And presented our fetch
We became poetry
By the waters we had
Some had water as clean as a baby's feet
Some had water muddied

Some became good poetry
Some, bad..

But they do not arrest bad poetry
When it murders and stains society
When it rolls over good poetry and mutes it
Like it's no criminal
It's sad!

(c)06102013 KW


  1. Man, thanks for writing thing. Bad poetry literally makes me cringe inside. I'd rather listen (read) no poetry than bad poetry

  2. Keep giving us amazing poetry and we wouldn't lend an ear [or eye] to the bad ones.. Great write Kwame Write :)

  3. This falls in line with Daniel's letter to poets.

    "Bad poetry is what around-the-way listeners love to cheer
    So therefore don't judge poetry by today's audience's jeers.."

    Truth right there! :)

  4. It's funny how good poetry just told the bitter story of bad poetry on here... Good Write Senior...

  5. W'ano hwam. There must be a way to sanitise the system. too many things being toted around in the name of poetry.

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