Sunday, April 14, 2013


Kerosene lamps burning
candle tears falling
their halos tilting 
to slow wind sways
pitch-black devil eye
sky falling and 
swallowing men in its womb
time stopping
everything moving but nothing really moving
as we look like a  bunch mourning so
expect many a frowned face with
feelings mixed like roasted corn and peanuts.
The TV: a single channel of gloom,
generator engines at full blast, in the distant
rude chats, cusses at the government and 

Naked butts exposed
mosquitoes posed as
bloody models of a bizarre night against the
ambiance of sweat and steam.
So we do the sleeping on the corridors instead
unfolding mattresses and jeans
folding eyelids, like dreams
of seeing electricity zap in
before the sun knocks at doors
with light limbs,
under a hard-hand night shade
with moon-baked glare, 

The light-off night we dread
Is here!


[Photo by @quasiadu /ff him on twitter & instagram]

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  1. Wow!great work. Definitely a place where people walk in broad daylight and experience darkness