Wednesday, January 25, 2012


‎Sun flashes out her red cheeks bold,
Lizard crawls to a lawn and lazily molts
And stretches to bask out his cold.

Snail admires with a stealthy glance
And dashes off too, craving a stance.

He envies so; "why cant I have that chance
To pitch a prance
For an afternoon dance?"
He undresses in time
His shell and slime.

But sun so intense
On his soft skin burns,
He struggles once, wriggles twice and
Waggles his last, sinking in stalks of eyes
And in pain he slowly dies..

Looking on, lizard feels lost,
To see snail's matter, cadaverous-
Lifeless, lonesome on the spot..
Turning tail, his head bops as he exclaims:
"Oh snail, You and I are never same!"

(c) 24/05/2007 KW


  1. great piece.
    the writing is stylish and still the message gets across.
    Big Ups

  2. Thanks..I appreciate ur comments much

  3. I like this...used to wordify myself until I got drowned in the milky lure of celebrity news. Nice piece there